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Take this quiz to know which senators share your views

We’ve only got a couple of days to go before election day on May 13, 2019. Do you already know who you’re voting for among the 62 senatorial candidates? If you don’t have your magic 12 picks for senators yet, this quiz from data strategist Ryan Yu might help you out.



Opening the quiz, you’ll see a list of key issues relevant to the country right now then you have to pick whether you’re for or against the issue. The quiz will get your insight among topics like death penalty, same-sex marriage, federalism, political dynasty and more.



Once you’re done answering, the site will show you which candidates’ views are most similar to yours. You can also click on the candidate’s name to learn their stance on the issues. Plus, the site also lists the candidate’s political party and affiliation, their current positions, and whether or not they’re an incumbent senator.


While this quiz provides information on where the senatoriables stand on current issues, you should still do your research. Answer the quiz here.


Every vote counts, geeks. These elected senators will be the ones making laws for the next term, so pick wisely. Don’t forget to head to your local precincts to cast your vote on Monday!

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