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social media accounts to follow Cyberspace Jan 2017

Cyberspace: Social media accounts to follow

Fill your social media space with inspiring, informative, and entertaining posts by following these out-of-the-box accounts. It’s time to break the monotony that is your feed.

Twitter: @lnh_ai

Craving for some tunes while browsing Twitterdom? Tweet nicely at @lnh_ai and get quirky melodies to get you grooving.

LnH AI is a Twitter bot that uses artificial intelligence to crank out original instrumentals for you every time you tweet it in this format: “@lnh_ai <song title>/compose/g <genre>/t <tempo>/r <randomness>”

The wacky AI plays your requested music in heavy metal, jazz, or blues. You can choose between 45 and 320 for the tempo, and set the randomness between 0.0 and 1.0. If you like to experiment, you might want to let the bot decide the level of randomness. After five minutes or so, LnH AI tweets its composition back to you. The songs are usually one to two minutes long depending on your tempo.

Change the parameters of the song and come up with a different melody every time—as long as you follow the format and the values are within the given range.

Skeleton of color
Instagram: @butch_locsin_from_la

Smokes and skulls seem like the perfect ingredients to a horror film. But for Los Angeles-based Filipino art student Butch Locsin, these are the key elements to his hauntingly beautiful performance art and photographs. The oversized sugar skull masks he use in each picture are handmade by Butch himself along with his other props such as smoke bombs.

Gerik Palmere
Instagram: @gerik

In 60 seconds or less, photographer and video editor Germik Parmele tells you the story of his day. Parmele creates mini documentaries that reflect the general theme of a day in his life. He looks for inspirations from the things, people, and sceneries he encounters, captures them with his camera to craft a story, and then share it to you in a short but sweet montage.

Ardie Aquino
Facebook: @ArdieChikiAquino

Ardie Aquino may be a nurse by profession, but he is an artist by passion. Follow his Facebook page to brighten your news feed with Ardie’s witty illustrations and eccentric doodles.

Random Comics #4 Heart of an X

Posted by Ardie Aquino on Monday, May 9, 2016

Words Pat Calica
First published in Speed January 2017

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