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Pinay beauty vloggers

Open Forum: Why local vloggers should be your go-to for beauty and grooming advice

The idea of going to a salon for your daily beauty and grooming needs is quite an absurd and impractical concept—at least for those of us who don’t belong to the ultra-rich 1 percent. Who even has the time and budget, right?

Thanks to the internet, doing things yourself or DIY has become much easier. For your tools and products, you can simply shop online and have your items delivered at your doorstep. For how-to guides and easy life hacks, you can easily access YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and more for tips on better makeup skills, proper skin care routine, and other “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!” kinds of beauty and grooming situation.

Writer Megan Santos

Writer Megan Santos

An even better news: you no longer have to worry about products and techniques working or not working for you because there is now a number of Pinoy beauty vloggers doing all the legwork for you. These are people who most likely have the same skin color, skin type, or hair texture as you—people who shop at the same stores and maybe even goes out with the same budget as you do.

We could think of a hundred reasons why you should turn to Filipina beauty vloggers for your daily beauty and grooming fix, but here are three to get you started:


Morena Power

Admit it, we sometimes equate Eurocentric features to being beautiful; and watching Caucasian beauty vloggers do their makeup routines on their fair skin can sometimes be frustrating for us Filipinos. Well, now you can be brown and proud! Pinay beauty vloggers like Ayn Bernos (@aynbernos) can show you how to shine and feel confident in your own skin.


Gooooo Local!

Online platforms like YouTube have encouraged many people to get into vlogging. Luckily, we’ll never run out of talented Filipinos in the realm of beauty. While promoting their innate skills and techniques in hairstyling, makeup, and whatnot, Pinoy bloggers like Anne Clutz, Anna Victorino and Janina Vela also highlight the use of local makeup and beauty products, which are usually made with the Filipino skin in mind. They even share some shopping tips, too, so you know which products to buy for yourself.


Cultural Differences? Not anymore.

Is there a local celebrity look you want to try? Or do you want to know what beauty products go best with the hot and humid weather in the country? Filipina vloggers like Karen of BeautyKLove and Kristine Roces always know what’s up. Plus, I know our English-speaking skills are impressive, but makeup tutorials in Tagalog and/or Taglish are way more relatable, wouldn’t you agree?


As we enter a new fashion and beauty season this month, I encourage you to dive into Youtube and search for more local vloggers to follow. Remember: when you’re in dire need of guidance or when you simply just have the time to get dolled up, remember your roots and be proud to be Pinoy/Pinay!


Words Megan Santos
First published Speed Magazine September 2018

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