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Speed Ask the Editor

Speed’s top picks from the Super Bowl 2019 commercials

Ah, the Super Bowl 2019! It’s an event that certainly has companies working their hardest to produce the most memorable commercials.


Last Sunday’s the grand sports event saw advertisements that were witty, fun, emotional, and downright nostalgic. And of course, many brands brought out the big guns, with the biggest Hollywood starring in their commercials.

Here’s our list of our favorites from Super Bowl 2019 commercials:



With just a little over two months before the return of Game of Thrones, we were thrilled when we saw The Mountain in this beer commercial. Watch the commercial for yourself and get hyped for Game of Thrones’ last season coming this April.




While most commercials took the comedic route, Microsoft tugged at our heartstrings with an ad that features special controllers for kids with special needs. The spot inspired and most importantly educated about how kids with special needs, too, can play the same way everyone does.



Amazon says it’s trying to put Alexa in everything, so we’re given a glimpse of the company’s attempts that didn’t make the cut. This commercial is very witty. You wouldn’t think any company would advertise their fails, but Amazon did. And they did it brilliantly. Also, the second we saw Harrison Ford in the ad, we were sold.




Alexa finds herself back on this list. In her integration into the Pringles commercial, we see a sadder and existential Alexa. We are honestly living for it.




If you’re a fan of more inspiring and heart-warming ads, Google‘s is one to watch. The commercial breaks down which words are most translated. Although these words are obvious, watch the spot for yourself to find out. Can’t get enough? Check out Google’s Home Alone-inspired Super Bowl commercial, too.



Get ready to feel nostalgic. Doritos brings back the 20-year-old song, I Want It That Way, and ads Chance the Rapper into the mix. As Chance sings the classic song, he is joined by the song’s original artists, the Backstreet Boys. Get ready to swoon and take a trip back in time.

Did we miss out on any of your favorites from the Super Bowl 2019?

Words Ayie Licsi

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