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Is online shopping changing the way Pinoys shop?

Online shopping is bigger now than it ever has been in the Philippines. Just recently, big names in the online shopping industry, Lazada and Shopee, saw millions of orders in the Southeast Asia region. Trust and believe that thousands of Filipinos participated in their respective 12.12 big holiday sales, as well as the 2.2 sales just last February.


Lazada and Shopee are enjoying top spots in the country’s most visited sites list at 8th and 13th respectively. There are various online shopping platforms that are also popular among Pinoys including Zalora, Hallo Hallo Mall, OLX, and even Facebook’s Marketplace.


More everyday products are being sold on the online shopping platforms like shampoo, soaps, hygiene products, home appliances and more. Diaper brand Pampers is one of the top products from the big sales. Many people are actually opting to buy their basic needs online than going to their local grocery stores.


Convenient shopping

In a study by Paypal on the Philippine’s e-commerce industry in 2018, they found out that Filipinos shop online for these three top reasons:  the convenience of e-commerce, the multiple available online shopping platforms, and fast shipping of orders.


Online shopping piqued my interest when I found out you could pay through Cash on Delivery (CoD).  This payment method is convenient for me especially when I was a student. Many others hopped on the online shopping train when CoD was introduced.


I get the appeal of online shopping within the comfort of your home. You spend less money and energy on rides to the malls, you don’t have to deal with the hundreds of people you’re bound to bump into, your products will be delivered to your door, and you won’t be tempted to dine in your favorite restaurant.


Mall of the future

What does this mean for the coming years?  Will shopping malls and groceries see less people in their air-conditioned walls? Will people grow lazier and connect with others less because they don’t really have to go out to get what they need?


I don’t think malls will ever run out of people, but there might be a shift of purpose for going to malls. Instead of shopping, people’s reasons for going out might be to eat and meet-up with their friends. That’s what I go to malls for besides window shopping. I rarely buy stuff from malls, instead I’ll check for the price tag of whatever I want online when I get home.


I think online shopping offers a big help for small businesses. I remember a time when big brands weren’t merchants or sellers on e-commerce platforms like OLX. Small businesses and casual sellers dominated the platform, but nowadays, brands like the SM Store, Herschel, Maybelline, Xiaomi and more are selling their products online. I think we’re going to continue to see big-name brands on online shopping websites.


Online shopping is also building trust between people. Although you won’t get to touch and test the product before buying it, you’re trusting that the seller will come through for you. I think that’s beautiful. For sellers, your feedback is important because that’s how they’ll get more consumers to buy their products online – trust.


Before, the only thing I had delivered was food, but now I’m currently waiting to receive my orders from Shopee and Lazada. I can see e-commerce continuing its growth and I think we’ll be seeing more diverse products on our shopping platforms.


Words Ayie Licsi

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