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PSBank pre-owned home

How To: Buy a pre-owned home according to PSBank

Buying a pre-owned home can flood your mind with hesitation. Such properties could cost you a fortune in renovations alone if you’re not cautious.

When it comes to purchasing second-hand homes, PSBank has your back. Thanks to its Good to Know campaign, you’ll be spared from possible buyer’s remorse when you follow these tips:

Know where to look

Go to banks and local government institutions like the Home Development Mutual Fund or PAG-IBIG to find pre-owned properties. Their websites will offer you great deals and auctions.


Schedule a visit or inspection

Before buying anything, you should make sure that the product (including houses) is in good condition. Determine the real condition of the house by asking a professional inspector for help. Since the property is second-hand, you should ensure the structure’s durability as well as other systems installed.


Consider the location

The location is just as important as the house itself. To get a good deal, find a house with proximity to a good school system, nearby transportation, and a market or grocery.

Verify documents

Be a smart buyer, and check the title and the latest property tax receipt. With these documents, you’ll be able to know how old the property is and see its chain of previous owners.


Check the market value of the property

To ensure that you will not be paying more than you should on a pre-owned home, do your research. You can go through current price trends or seek an expert to help you evaluate the property.


Buying pre-owned properties is not a walk in the park, but thankfully PSBank is here to help. Currently, the bank is offering discounts on low-priced pre-owned real estate properties.This includes 20%-25% discounts on second-hand condominium units, houses, and lots when purchases are made from December 4, 2018 to March 4, 2019.

Aditionally, property purchases can be made in cash or by applying for a PSBank Home Loan with Prime Rebate.

To check out PSBank’s list of available properties, visit

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