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Nintendo announces new Pokemon mobile game

Miss the thrill of Pokemon battles? Mobile users, fret no further. Nintendo just hailed the arrival of Pokemon Rumble Rush early this week.


Pokemon Rumble Rush is the newest addition to the Rumble series–a spin-off of the main Pokemon games. The game itself, according to a report from TNW, is a “beat ’em up” featuring chibi (Japanese slang for ‘small’ or ‘short’) versions of beloved Pokemon characters. The first game in the Rumble series was made available for WiiWare, with sequels ready for 3DS and Wii U.


What takes place in Rush?

Characters journey to various islands to uncover new creatures and defeat Pokemon by tapping on the screen. According to the Play Store description of the game, the islands and seas discovered in the game will change every two weeks.


Furthermore, your character will handle in-game currency called “ore,” which you may use to craft gear. Users may get ore once they finish a stage. After these ores are refined, you may use these to either strengthen or summon a Pokemon.

Users will also be able to earn rewards by overcoming the Super Boss Rush. You will need a formidable set of Pokemon to hurdle these stages, so collected more Pokemon from different regions to come out victorious.


Pokemon Rumble Rush is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher and Snapdragon 410 or higher. While the game is already available in Australia, the rest of the world will have wait for a release on iOS and Android soon.


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