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Cyberspace Instagram account Dogs In Food

Cyberspace: Instagram accounts to follow

Fill your social media feed with inspiring, creative, informative, and hilarious posts. Here’s a list of accounts that can keep you enlightened, entertained, and always in-the-know. Start scrolling down now.


Dogs In Food
Instagram: @dogs_infood

Stressed because of school, work, or just life in general? Here’s an account that gives you two of the best mood-boosters of all time: mouthwatering food and cute doggos. Dogs In Food features delightful dog-food mashups. A Pomeranian peeking out from inside a cream puff, a cute French bulldog as a chocolate pup pastry, and a bull terrier edited into a bunch of blueberries—these are just some of the delicious ways this account hides adorable pooches in dishes.


Kei Nomiyama
Instagram: @keinomiyama

Photographer, scientist, and explorer Kei Nomiyama takes photos of natural landscape and wildlife so that it lives on for the next generation to appreciate (he fears that the beauty before us right now may soon disappear). What’s worth watching for in this account is Nomiyama’s annual Firefly series, which captures the enchanting nighttime spectacle of the firefly season in Japan.


Paolo Pettigiani | Infrared PH
Instagram: @paolopettigiani

Cotton candy clouds, bubblegum sea. Photographer Paolo Pettigiani has turned his Instagram feed into an eye-popping gallery of infrared images. Pettigiani makes use of infrared photography, which utilizes a special film or light sensor that processes the usually invisible wavelengths of infrared light. The result: beautiful landscapes and bodies of water in tooth-aching hues of watermelon pink and bubblegum blue.


Lauren Ko
Instagram: @lokokitchen


Whether you’re into pies or not, you cannot deny that Lauren Ko’s picture-perfect pie gallery is enticing, mouth-watering, and just geometrically beautiful. With just a pastry cutter and ruler, Ko grafts geometric patterns on the surfaces of her pies and tarts. In some of her pies, she employs intricate lattices as well as berry and seed studs. Ko photographs the finished work against muted backgrounds to make the intricate design pop.


Mike Kelley
Instagram: @mikekelley_


@mikekelley_ features aerial shots of airports and runways, which make the humongous metal machines we ride on look like playthings from the viewer’s perspective. Other times he looks skyward, take photos of planes
taking off or landing in the airport, and create a composite image out of these shots to create a mind-boggling
picture of what it looks like if all of the world’s planes fly at the same time.

Words Pat Calica
First published in Speed July 2018

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