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A deeper look into the all-new Toyota Vios CVT

What sets the all-new Toyota Vios CVT apart from other vehicles?


A frequently overlooked aspect in today’s vehicles is the difference between AT and CVT. AT, of course, stands for Automatic Transmission, while CVT is for Continuously Variable Transmission. Whereas “stick-shift” or Manual Transmission (MT) use a clutch pedal to change the gears, the AT and CVT are often used interchangeably with each other. Their similarities hold true to a certain degree, but the CVT in the All-New Toyota Vios makes every day driving easier and more fuel efficient.


Both transmissions are generally easier and more comfortable to operate. This is due to a computer program that automatically controls shifting based on the driver’s input. But the biggest difference is that CVT uses a belt-and-pulley system, rather than the AT’s gears-and-cogs system. This system provides seamless shifting that reduces shift shock and transmission quietness that gives better cabin comfort. On actual road conditions with stop-and-go traffic, this means the Toyota Vios CVT will offer a smoother ride than regular AT gearboxes.




Best in fuel efficiency

The Toyota Vios CVT gearbox also improves fuel economy and fuel mileage by consistently keeping the engine in its most efficient operating range. The Vios CVT variants are known to be kinder and
more forgiving to new drivers by automatically adjusting to human errors such as inconsistent foot pressure and pedal movement. It lessens the vehicle’s jerky, sudden movements by reducing lag time
through continuous altering of gear ratios.


As an added feature, select variants of the Vios CVT are equipped with Sequential Shift Mode and Paddle Shifters. These mimic the sporty feel of manually changing gears for the more experienced drivers.
When used along with Drive Mode Select (a choice between Eco & Sport modes), the Toyota Vios offers a versatile and economical driving pleasure for everyone. These make the Toyota Vios an
enduring icon on the road, and the preferred subcompact sedan of the Filipino people.


Currently, a total of five out of nine variants of the All-New Vios are equipped with Continuously Variable Transmission. The latest of these models is the Vios XE, introduced last January. Here are the prices of every all-new Toyota Vios model available in the Philippines:


  • 1.5 G Prime CVT (P1,095,000)
  • 1.5 G CVT (P1,040,000)
  • 1.5 G MT (P981,000)
  • 1.3 E Prime CVT (P933,000)
  • 1.3 E CVT (P878,000)
  • 1.3 E MT (P828,000)
  • 1.3 XE CVT (P735,000)
  • 1.3 J MT (P685,000)
  • 1.3 Base MT (P659,000)

Toyota Vios in Alumina Jade Metallic

At 735,000 SRP, the Vios XE is currently the best value CVT in Toyota’s wide Vios lineup. It suits the modern lifestyle and driving habits of young professionals in the city, while also catering to new and
experienced drivers. More than its affordable price tag, the Vios XE shares the signature Quality, Durability, and Reliability present across all models that bear the Toyota badge. Choosing the Vios means worry-free ownership that gives customers peace of mind even with aftersales and regular maintenance.

The Vios XE is available in all Toyota dealerships nationwide. It comes in Thermalyte, Red Mica Metallic, Freedom White, and Alumina Jade Metallic.

For more information, visit Toyota Motors Philippines’ official website at and follow the official Facebook page at

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