Expiring beep cards can be extended for only P10

No need to buy a new one just yet!

Is your beep card expiring soon? Here’s good news: you don’t need to buy a new one or worry about losing your card load when your current card expires.

AF Payments, Inc., the operator of the beep card tap-and-go payment system, announced that cardholders whose beep cards are due to expire this year can now extend the validity of their cards by one year for only P10.

This offer is valid for standard beep cards with a minimum balance of ten pesos and will run until December 2020. Concessionary beep cards (for Senior Citizens and PWDs) will be extended free of charge.

You can extend your beep card’s validity 60 days prior and 60 days after the expiry date printed on the card. For example, if your card expires at the end of January 2020 may extend their card at one of the extension terminals between December 1, 2019 and March 30, 2020. The new expiry date will be based on the same month as the original expiry date with one year added (for example, the new expiry date for a card valid until end of January 2020 will be the end of January 2021).

beep cards with less than P10 load balance (excluding Concessionary Cards) and blacklisted cards are not eligible for the one-year extension, alongside cards with expiry dates that do not fall within the period specified for the extension.

Extension terminals are available in six stations of LRT1 and in the Cubao station of MRT3. AF Payments is working with the rail lines to add more extension terminals in the coming months.

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