Epson’s SureColor SC-F10030 is a textile printer for businesses with high printing needs

This 76-inch large format printer is designed for businesses with higher printing demands.

Epson expands the possibilities in textile printing with the introduction of its first-ever 76-inch large format printer designed for businesses with higher printing demands.

The SureColor SC-F10030 is a new industrial-level dye sublimation textile printer that comes with four new PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads. It boasts a maximum print speed of 255 sqm/hr, which enables the highest productivity possible in continuous printing on larger surfaces. The printer also uses Epson’s Oeko-Tex-certified, 100% nickel- and fluoride-free inks.

Indoor signage

Top-notch print quality

The SC-F10030 is equipped with Epson’s Dot Technology, which consists of three different dedicated technologies: Micro Weave, Lookup Table (LUT), and Halftone.

The Micro Weave feature is a special printing mode used to enhance printed output by selectively applying an intricate pattern to eliminate the banding. LUT allows for the use of proper color with backlit films. On the other hand, Halftone delivers higher printing robustness against dot placement error. With the three technologies combined, users can expect increased durability, reduction of graininess, and higher uniformity throughout all images.

Sportswear printed using the SC-F10030

The printer also comes with Auto Adjustment features that support stable print quality based on the actual need pattern. This reduces the need for manual adjustment. Moreover, the RGB camera on the printheads reads the printed pattern to automatically adjust parameters between two Auto Adjustment options: Paper Feeding Adjustment and Print Head Adjustment.

Dress printed using the SC-F10030

High reliability and uptime maximization

This industrial printer has a User Self-Repair function, which makes replacing parts like the printhead and anti-drying cap easier.

Built to withstand heavy printing, the new Epson printer supports the Bulk Ink Supply System, offering 10 liters of ink cartridges. It also ensures that as soon as one cartridge is consumed during printing, the printer will automatically switch and activate other cartridges.

Cloud connectivity

Bundled with the SC-F10030, Epson Cloud Solution PORT allows useres to check the status of the connected printer easily from their PCs or smart devices through a Production Monitor and easily troubleshoot as required.

This cloud solution also provides remote monitoring, enabling accurate failure diagnosis, and prompt responses to inquiries.

The SureColor SC-F10030 industrial dye sublimation textile printer will be available in the Philippines this December 2020. Visit Epson’s website to learn more about its textile printers.

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