Epson shifts focus to motion-sensing tech


Epson has announced its plans to begin external sales of new sensing technologies that combine semiconductor and optical technologies that it has developed over the years. The company will also launch a new business that will use motion-sensing analysis technology.

Previously, the company has used its sensing tech to provide value to users. For example, the company’s semiconductor and optical tech are used in healthcare to monitor vital signs and provide visual data about a person’s daily activity. Meanwhile, position-fix information measurements are used by runners measuring distance and exercise intensity.

With factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and expectations for safer social infrastructures, Epson has decided to begin selling its sensing technologies to external customers in order to capitalize on the tech in a broader range of applications.

For many years, the company has used sensors to analyze big data and has accumulated a vast amount of data and many algorithms. It will broaden the world of smart sensing and accelerate the creation of new applications by building partnerships with collaborating companies and engaging in open innovation projects.

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