Elgato’s new pedal lets streamers control their apps hands-free


German audiovisual tech maker Elgato has released a new pedal that allows streamers to control their apps hands-free and even away from their PC.

Aptly called Stream Deck Pedal, this device consists of three customizable pedals that function in the same way as Stream Deck — a live-streaming control pad Elgato launched in 2017.

The pedal connects to Mac and Windows PCs via USB-C and, according to Elgato’s website, lets you change your cameras, switch between scenes, mute your mic, trigger censor bleeps, and more. Its difference with the control pad is that, of course, you’ll have to trigger the commands with your foot.

With its Multi Actions feature, you can string multiple actions, assign it to just one pedal, and trigger it all at once during your live stream. Elgato explains, “Snap a screenshot, open a destination folder, and launch Twitter for quick sharing. Or change scenes, play a track, and cue your voice changer – with one tap.”

Smart Profiles will enable you to assign different commands on each pedal per app and automatically load them on the pedal when you’re switching between the programs.


It also comes with a 16-foot USB-C cable, so you wouldn’t have to be at your station to use it. Apart from streaming, the Stream Deck Pedal can be also be used for work-from-home apps like Zoom or Photoshop.

It is available for $89.99 (P4,600) in Elgato’s online store and ships only in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


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