Elecom LBT-OH100 headset: Supreme sound

This Bluetooth stereo headset features high-efficiency drivers and aptX for wireless music and phone conversations.

Experience supreme sound that comfortably fits in your ears with the Elecom LBT-OH100 Series. This Bluetooth stereo headset features high-efficiency drivers and aptX, so you can enjoy wireless music and phone conversations at home or when outdoors. lbt-oh100bk_01 With Bluetooth connectivity, there is no cable binding you to one spot, making you free to move around without losing connection to your smartphone, music player, PC, or other devices. The headset offers a comfortable fit that is intended for long period use as it is designed to follow the curve of an outer ear. As for the sound quality, the large 40mm diameter driver and aptX takes care of the superior sound every audiophile wants to get from their gear. It supports the high sound quality codec AAC, so if you are connected to AAC-compatible devices such as an iPhone or iPad, you’ll hear the streamed sound without quality degradation. lbt-oh100bk_09 Not only that, the Elecom LBT-OH100 provides stable transmissions with a maximum connectivity range of 10m radius—perfect for listening to music within a room. It has a maximum playing time of 25 hours in one full charge. If you don’t have Bluetooth connection on your device, no need to worry as the LBT-OH100 also comes with a wired connection support. And since it is NFC-compatible, you can easily establish connections with just a touch on an NFC-compatible smartphone. lbt-oh100wh_32 The headband has various buttons for operations for power on or off, pairing, music playback, as well as volume control when connected to a device supporting AVRCP. This Elecom headset supports a music streaming function (A2DP), which allows you to listen to music or navigation voices played on connected mobile phones and smartphones, as well as hands-free profiles “HSP” and “HFP,” enabling you to receive incoming calls while listening to music. The headset can be folded into a compact shape, making it easy to carry around. Plus, equipped with a microUSB connector, it can be easily charge via a PC, laptop, or power bank while on the go. lbt-oh100wh_31

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