Elecom EHP-CA2D3510: Reverb and resonance

The Elecom EHP-CA2D3510 stereo headphones are equipped with dual drivers the provide delicate sound as well as depth in the low to mid ranges.

Add more oomph to your music when you listen via the Elecom EHP-CA2D3510 dual driver headset. This pair has two dynamic drivers that work together for increased sound quality. Each driver is 6mm in diameter, capable of producing well-balanced and deep sounds with depth in the mid and low frequencies. Like Elecom’s AQUA series, the EHP-CA2D3510 also utilizes the Sound Amplification Chamber design, which allows for richer and extended sound thanks to the larger space available within the housing. EHP-CA2D3510 insider 2 These headphones come with interchangeable silicone air-tight ear caps. The ear caps come in three generic sizes—small, medium, and large—to fit firmly inside the ears, reducing sound leakage and blocking out unwanted ambient noise. In addition to that, this Elecom pair features a tangle-free 1.2-meter cable and a built-in condenser microphone with an inline remote. The remote allows you to pick up or terminate calls, play and pause music, and control volume just with a single touch. EHP-CA2D3510 insider Elecom made the EHP-CA2D3510 compatible with music players with its stereo mini plug. Available in black and white, the headphones ship with a cord clip, which reduces the noise caused by the cable bumping against other objects, and a pouch for conveniently carrying around the unit.

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