The Dyson Omni-glide is a maneuverable compact cordless vacuum cleaner


Traditional vacuum cleaners—even handheld, cordless ones—typically struggle with getting into hard-to-reach spaces. They’re also inflexible, making reaching under furniture and various areas and surfaces difficult.

Well, Dyson reimagines the home cleaning product once again with the Omni-Glide. It’s slim, lightweight (only 1.9kg!), and engineered for daily cleaning in city homes. It’s maneuverable and lets you get into difficult nooks and crannies thanks to its omnidirectional Fluffy cleaner head. The four 360° stabilizing castors at the bottom of the head lets the Omni-glide, well, glide in all directions—forward, backward, and even sideways.

It also has a different design. The Omni-glide makes use of a new in-line format, meaning the separation system, motor, filter, and handle are all aligned together so that it can lie flat to the floor and clean in tight spaces.

Because of this new design, Dyson engineers had to rearrange core technologies—including a Dyson Hyperdymium motor—to fit into the in-line arrangement. What’s impressive, though, is that suction power and 105,000rpm spinning speed were not sacrificed. Dyson engineers have also maintained the Dyson five-stage filtration proprietary technology.

The Omni-glide Core model comes with three tools: a mini-motorized tool that sucks in hair, a worktop tool, and a combination tool. The Dyson Omni-glide+, on the other hand, comes with an additional light pipe crevice tool with LED lights to show you where you’re cleaning, even in dark spaces.  

The Omni-glide Core is priced at P27,900 (left) while the Omni-glide+ (right) is priced at P29,900.


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