DUX Gaming Series: Jump start your eSports career

If you plan to dominate the leaderboards, start investing in good gaming gear such as Elecom’s DUX Gaming Series.

Every gamer loves a good scrimmage in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2, and it’s more satisfying when your team gets to dominate the tournament bracket and experience consecutive wins. Your success is greatly attributed to skills and deep knowledge of the gameplay, sure. But your gaming equipment also helps a lot in winning these battles. So, if you plan to dominate the leaderboards, start investing in good gaming gear such as Elecom’s DUX Gaming Series. Scroll down and we’ll tell you why the DUX Gaming Series should be in your gaming arsenal.

DUX Mouse

DUX Mice Insider Precision and endurance are some of the most important features of a good gaming mouse. Elecom gives you three DUX mouse models for you to choose from, starting with the high-end M-DUX70BK, which allows you to play a game on two PCs simultaneously through wired and wireless connections. The second option is the M-DUX50BK. This midrange mouse is armed with 14 buttons and a tilt wheel, which supports a hardware macro function that executes quick operations with just one click. Meanwhile, the entry-level M-DUX30BK is fitted with 10 buttons that you can assign shortcuts to. All three models are equipped with on-board memory to store new settings, as well as a feature that allows you to assign functions to each button and adjust your cursor speed and pooling rate in 50dpi steps.

DUX Keyboard

DUX Keyboard Insider Play games on one PC with TK-DUX30BK, or play on two PCs with the TK-DUX50BK. Both keyboards features function designation and customizable gaming procedures using hardware macro functions. You can also switch from different profiles such as chat and battle with a dedicated key. There’s also a 24 major keys support rollover feature, which allows you to press up to 12 keys at once. These keyboards sport keys that are slightly cupped and made from a polyacetal resin that has excellent lubrication performance as well as wear-resistance, enabling smooth and comfortable typing.

DUX Headset

DUX HS Insider 1 Hear your teammate’s commands and your opponent’s cries loud and clear with the HS-DUX50BK. This headset’s 40mm driver is complemented by wide cups that are made with airy mesh material to prevent them from getting stuffy when worn during long periods of time. A swivel mechanism is also added to the headphones to provide a unique fit for every user; the 2m cable ensures no tangle or disconnection happens as you ease your way into victory.

Words John Sosmeña

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