Nintendo is retiring Dr. Mario on mobile in November


It’s game over for Dr. Mario World on mobile. Nintendo has announced that the mobile spinoff of the console game series will officially end at 6 a.m. UTC (2 p.m. in Manila time) on November 1.

The mobile game had run for two years since it was launched back in July 2019. It was based on Nintendo’s highly successful Dr. Mario NES game launched in the ’90s. The gameplay is similar to Tetris, wherein Mario, who assumes the role of a doctor, must toss out colored vitamin capsules to kill viruses populating the screen.

Although the console game became a commercial success—having sold over 10 million cartridges worldwide—it apparently did not fare just as well on mobile. According to SernsorTower’s data from early 2000, Dr. Mario had the lowest performance among Nintendo’s smartphone games in terms of revenue.

As The Verge notes, Dr. Mario is also the first Nintendo mobile game to be shut down ever.

If you would like to give Dr. Mario a try for the last time, you can still download it on iOS and Android as of today. However, pills and power-ups are no longer available for purchase starting July 28.

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