Dodge to end production of Charger, Challenger muscle cars in 2024

Unsplash/Doug Watanabe

Dodge is phasing out its gas-powered Charger sedan and Challenger coupe by 2024 to clear the way for its upcoming fleet of electric vehicles.

Speaking to the Motor Trend, CEO Tim Kuniskis said that the company will release its first electric muscle concept car next year, and that ceasing production of its gas-powered muscle cars will ensure the brand’s commitment to achieving global carbon neutrality.

“I’m juggling knives because I’ve gotta keep two different huge factions happy because at some point, those two factions will converge. The problem is no one knows when they will converge. My job is to provide confidence, over the next 24 months, that we’re gonna do this,” Kuniskis told Motor Trend.

“These cars that you know today will go out of production by the time we get to 2024,” he added. While the CEO did not reveal when exactly they are fencing in the two vehicles, he said that Dodge will stop building the current lineup.

The Stellantis-owned brand first announced its intention to develop “the world’s first electric muscle car” during its EV event in July this year. As The Verge notes, Kuniskis proclaimed then that Dodge would not “sell electric cars — it will sell eMuscle,” which is apparently Dodge branding for its future EVs.

In his interview with Motor Trend, Kuniskis said that the launch of its first eMuscle concept in 2024 will be followed by a plug-in hybrid and a third significant new vehicle.

It will be differentiated from the brand’s gas-powered muscle cars using a modernized version of its Fratzog logo initially used by the company from 1962 to 1973. t features a split deltoid made of three arrowhead shapes that form a three-pointed star. The new version is designed to be three-dimensional and includes LED lighting.

Apart from eMuscle cars, Dodge is also planning to launch battery-powered trucks, including the electric iteration of Ram 1500.


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