Devant unveils 43-inch Condo TVs, perfect for small-space living


More and more people are shifting to small-space living, with condominiums being a popular choice among those who want to live in the city. In a smaller space, you’ll need furniture, appliances, and accessories suited for the size. Seeing this need, Devant showcased three 43-inch TV models, all perfectly sized for condos and apartments.

First from these screens is the Devant 43-inch Digital LED TV, great for those on a budget and those who enjoy watching local channels. Then, there’s the Devant 43-inch Smart TV, ideal for households that enjoy streaming content from Netflix or YouTube. The last is the Devant 43-inch Smart 4K TV, which offers the best picture quality and is great for anyone who enjoys watching movies or playing console games in incredible detail.

What’s with the number 43?

According to Kristian Castro, Devant product trainer, when choosing for a TV for your living space, bigger isn’t always better. It’s been found that 43-inches is the best screen size for areas that allow for four to 10 feet of distance between the viewer and the screen. This size provides both comfort and an optimal, immersive viewing experience.

“Based on scientific research, the ideal size of TV for condo living is 43-inches,” said Architect Saira Margarita Nepomuceno during the launch event.

“We computed that the best distance from sofa to TV should be between 4ft to 8.5ft to get that perfect viewing angle. When a person is seated down there is a 30-36 degree optimal viewing angle,” she added.

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