Destroy the world in days with The Division’s Collapse Simulator

You’re patient zero of an unknown breed of smallpox that will cause a worldwide pandemic. How long will it take you to make the whole world collapse? In anticipation of Tom Clancy’s world bloodbath pandemic role playing game, The Division, many discussions have been made about the in-game viral outbreak, which will be the center of the game’s plot. While the story line of The Division is entirely fictional, Ubisoft reminds us that in this age of age of accessible transportation and communication, it could happen anywhere in the world any time. Step into the virtual world of Collapse: The End of Society Simulator, a web-based simulator designed by Ubisoft that gives us a glimpse of what the world looks like while a weaponized virus multiplies and causes rising deaths by the hour. Collapse shows us the movement of the infection from a satellite view, with you as the source of the worldwide pandemic. Collapse 1 The way Collapse works is simple, choose a starting location and time will start to tick once you find yourself infected. The simulator will then prompt you to follow through the narrative by providing locations for you to go to where you can perform the given task. Collapse 2 As you decide where to go and what to do next, the simulator tracks you and updates how much damage—deaths and infections—you cause for every movement you make. A handy counter on the lower left side of the screen gives accurate and consistent data about the overall scope of the virus, while the lower bar constantly updates the deaths-per-hour. Collapse 3 Once things go heavy on the stateside, the game will allow you to travel to other countries, and you’ll see what happens worldwide. Collapse uses real data, creating a more authentic and personal feel of the end of society because each choice in the simulator leads to a different consequence. Collapse 4 So while you wait for the launch of The Division on March 8, 2016, settle in with your pre-order of the game and take on the Collapse: The End of Society Simulator here:

Words John Sosmeña


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