Cyberspace: Hackuna protects your device against hackers


With a name derived from the famousĀ Lion King movie statement “Hakuna Matata,” which means no worries, the Hackuna mobile app aims to make the cyberspace safer for businesses and individuals.

The Hackuna app, which claims to be the first of its kind in the world, is a mobile application that serves as a weapon against mobile hackers. It from Cryptors Cybersecutiry Inc., popularly known as Cryptors, and was developed by their 21-year-old CEO Alexis Lingad.


Hackuna app (1)


Available in Google Play and soon in App Store, the app is capable to block hackers within the network from hijacking the user’s phone.

It has a WiFi Blocker feature lets user track the one who hacked his or her device. Another feature is the Permission Analyzer button which detects the apps that have unreasonable permission to access the user’s private data, camera, mic, SMS, GPS, call logs, and contacts.

Meanwhile, the Malware Buster has the ability to detect the hidden spy apps and the trojans that hackers use in hacking and controlling users phone remotely.



The Hackuna app already has 10,000 downloads in Google play in just one month, with most of the subscriptions coming from The United States and The Philippines.

Save your friends in the digital world now by downloading this app. Fore more information, please visit .


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