Cyberspace: Did Thanos kill you?

A simple website tells you if you were spared or slaughtered by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Wars.

There’s a new website making rounds online, and it’s in response to the events in Avengers: Infinity War.

Before you proceed, a fair warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

A quick recap of the events in the latest Avengers movie installment: Thanos takes on the quest to collect all of the six Infinity Stones and bring balance to the universe.

At the end of the film, the Mad Titan succeeds in his mission and wipes out half of the universe with the snap of a finger. And it’s not just a number of the mightiest Avengers who got turned to dust; random civilians also met the same fate at the end of the film.

A simple website called Did Thanos Kill Me? answers the question bugging every Avengers fans right now: did they survive Thanos’ infamous finger snap?

Upon reaching the site, it gives you one of the two possible outcomes: either you are killed or not.

Note, though, that the result won’t change even if you keep refreshing the page. You may try your luck by using another browser or clearing your browser cache (cheater!).

Were you spared or slaughtered? Let us know in the comments section. Half of the Speed editorial staff were obliterated: Managing Editor Demai Sunio-Granali, Junior Art Director Melai Balitaan, and Online Editor Pat Calica included. Meanwhile, Speed‘s Editor-in-Chief Katrina Rivere-Diga, Editorial Associate Justine Bernice Basco, and Contributing Graphic Artist JP Dizon are left to pick up the pieces.

Words Pat Calica
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