Cyberspace: Cool websites to visit

Scrolling through your social media feeds can get pretty old, pretty fast. Spice up your exploration of the World Wide Web by visiting interesting, useful, and cool websites. Here are just some of them:

Play with AI

Artificial intelligence or machine learning can be a little too complex of a concept to grasp, so Google makes it easy and fun to learn about and play around with. Welcome to Google’s new artificial intelligence playground: A.I. Experiments (

The new website lets you peek into some of the company’s existing experimental projects on machine learning and test them yourself. As of writing, the AI portal features eight items for you to experience hands-on.

Four of the experiments on the site are interactive, including Quick, Draw!—a digital version of Pictionary that you play with an AI. You need to draw the word given at the start of the 20-second time limit. The machine then figures out what your sketch represents. Other interactive projects are Giorgio Cam, Infinite Drum Machine, and Bird Sounds. Meanwhile, the rest of the projects are explained through video demonstrations.

After fooling around with the showcased samples, download the code for each to see how the magic happened. And if you are confident enough, tinker with it and create your own. Google also allows submission of AI experiments on the site.

How’s the weather?

Turn your banal weather greeting into a colorful weather conversation. Make it a habit to visit the magnificently rendered meteorological maps of your Dark Sky Weather app. And during those times that you are in front of the computer and away from your phone, visit the all-new Dark Sky website on The Web incarnation of Dark Sky flaunts similar dazzling graphics and accurate hyperlocal weather predictions as the mobile app. But it also adds exclusive features, such as the ability to zoom in and explore the weather map in detail.

Bore you to sleep

If you want to get a good night’s sleep, it’s best to turn off all your electronic screens. It’s as good an advice as any, but many still choose to ignore it and stay glued to their laptops and smartphones when in bed. So, Napflix ( offers the next best way to help you hit the pillow faster: boring videos. Think of waves crashing on the beach, rain drizzling on a window pane, and monotonous narration on a documentary. This video platform fashions itself as the Netflix of dull and uninteresting clips that could lull you to sleep.

Words Pat Calica
First published in Speed January 2017 (with minor edits)
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