CST Tires launches five new tires locally

The eighth largest tire manufacturer in the world has new offerings for the Philippine market.


Cheng Shin Tire (CST) on August 22 launched five new passenger and 4×4 tires. The Parkour – PK01, Sahara – AT II and Sahara – MT II sports utility tires and Marquis- MR61 and Medallion – MD – A1 passenger tires are designed to deliver style alongside premium performance.



Parkour – PK01

It’s a treat for sports drivers. The new Parkour – PK01 is a versatile tire offering high performance on both wet and dry situations. This high-speed tire, coupled with an optimized tread pattern design, touts a comfortable driving experience.



[Sahara – AT II and Sahara – MT II

The Sahara – AT II is designed for long drives, heavy loads and optimum off-road performance. It features a reduced tread pattern void ratio, square profile design, flat contact patch and serrated edges. A reliable off-road partner, the Sahara – MT II boasts of its improved mud dispersal, maximized sidewall traction and high puncture resistance. It is equipped with an innovative sidewall armour and an advance 3D tread design that ensure a durable ride on and off the road. Its heat dissipation technology minimizes temperatures at high speed while slowing down rubber compound aging. 




Marquis- MR61 and Medallion – MD – A1

This new passenger tires afford drivers speed, stability and stronger traction for a comfortable and safe ride. The Marquis- MR61 can be used as an everyday road companion, as it is built to ensure a quiet ride experience with improved handling performance. It touts an enhanced durability and lower rolling resistance, to boot. It gives drivers braking and steering confidence with its high stiffness rib design. Its closed shoulder groove design that improves tread life guarantees longer-lasting adventures. 



“Innovation is at the heart of CST. We are always on the lookout for new developments and changes in the country’s usage conditions to improve the products and service we offer to the market. This new set of tires is just the beginning of our plan for the Philippine market, especially now that the demand for high-quality tires continue to rise. We are just glad that through the Parkour, Sahara, Marquis and Medallion tires, we get to be a part of the road stories of Filipino families and motorsport athletes,” shares CST Tires Director of Sales and Business Development, Mr. Jaybee Atanacio.

Jaybee Atanacio, director of sales and business development at CST Tires, says the company is constantly on the lookout for changes in the country’s usage continues, aiming to improve the products CST offers to the market.

To keep up to date on the latest products and promos of CST, visit www.csttires.com.ph


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