Converge launches 4 new business-focused products


Converge recently unveiled four new products designed to respond to its users’ specific business connectivity needs.

The products under their Enterprise lineup promise higher connectivity while still ensuring affordability.

With Converge FASTER, enterprises will have the option to send and receive files securely through their own network. Using a Layer 3 networking service that can convert a business’s main office into a fully digital branch, Converge Faster offers private WAN connectivity between a company’s headquarters, branches, satellite offices, or remote sites through a pure fiber GPON Network.

Converge Time of Day, a Direct Internet Access service product, is perfect for businesses and enterprises who mainly operate during a certain period each day. By setting their preferred schedule to either Day or Night, Time of Day subscribers can expect double their subscribed bandwidth based on their chosen preset period.

Another Direct Internet Access service product, Converge Upload is made for businesses that rely heavily on sending intensive outbound requirements. Converge Upload focuses on boosting upload speeds to supplement services such as web hosting, game development, animation, and cloud storage.

Finally, Converge Connect is a premium service that uses Converge’s state-of-the-art MPLS backbone to deliver a high-capacity network-to-network interface that can be used for specific data service requirements. With Converge Connect, subscribers can customize and combine products and resources in one circuit to address vast and multiple connectivity needs for their businesses.

Interested business customers can visit the Converge website for more information on these products.


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