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Fill your social media feed with inspiring, creative, informative, and hilarious posts. Here’s a list of accounts that you can follow to stay enlightened, entertained, and in-the-know. Start scrolling down now.


YouTube: @tooncee
Instagram: @tooncee
Twitter: @ToonCeeAnimated

Filipino animator ToonCee has a unique and captivating way of telling a story. ToonCee posts animated videos of her personal experiences on her YouTube account—all created and dubbed by her. She also shares tutorial videos of her creative process.

Her videos are addicting to watch. The animated characters may be cute and comical but they perfectly capture the emotions and personalities she wants to portray. Her voice is soothing but expressive. But perhaps the biggest factor why her videos click is that her stories are relatable—from her worst travel experience to how she and her boyfriend met, and even an epic tale about a very special chicharon.


Instagram: @dariustwin

Darius Twin

Light painting requires constant practice, a lot of patience, and innate creativity— and these are qualities that artist Darren Pearson has. Together with his wife Jordan (@astrobandit), Darren creates beautiful stop-motion light painting videos by using multicolored LEDs and precise slow-shutter photography under the light of the moon. Their videos are composed of hundreds of photos stitched together, with absolutely no help from visual effects.

Sarah Ritchie

Instagram: @jeansararichards

You may shy away from Sarah Ritchie’s page when you learn that it features her pet snakes: Marrow, Steel, Vein, Diamond, Amaranth, and Atlatl. But allow us to make our case first. Sarah’s snakes are pretty—well, as pretty as snakes can be. Plus, through good lighting and simple backgrounds, she takes sophisticated photographs of her slithering pets that make you appreciate their movements and forms.


Instagram: @odeith

social media accounts to follow

With a spray can in hand and a blank wall as his canvas, graffiti artist Sérgio Odeith creates realistic paintings in urban environments. His large-scale murals are painted on surfaces such as 90-degree corners or from the wall to the floor. Combined with the right color and shading, Odeith produces three-dimensional images that seem to come out of the surface when viewed from certain angles.

Words Pat Calica
This story was originally published in Speed Magazine’s December 2019 issue.

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