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Make your stay in the digital sphere worthwhile. Download these fun and useful mobile apps on your phone now.

Fender Songs

iOS | Free

Every music learner has experienced the frustration of not being able to find a sheet music or tablature for a specific song on the internet— or perhaps, coming across one that’s inaccurate. Fortunately, apps like Fender Songs are here to make life easier for musicians.

Made by veteran guitar manufacturer Fender, Fender Songs is practically a giant chord library that gives users access to chords of millions of songs for guitar, ukulele, and lyrics also available. Additionally, the app features an auto-generated bassline and drum track for you to jam with. Or, if you have an existing Apple Music subscription, you can play along with the actual songs. When you feel confident enough, the app also records y our session via your device’s front-facing camera.

Fender Songs is free to download, with a rotating selection of chords available for free. If you want to get access to its full library, shell out $4.99 for a monthly subscription.


Android | Free

Those looking for a customizable browsing experience should look no further. Vivaldi, a web browser from the folks that previously worked on Opera, is now on beta in Android devices.

Vivaldi for Android is designed to be flexible for mobile users. It incorporates features that are unique to the app such as the ability to capture a Web page in full, note-taking from within the app, quick switching between search engines through shortcuts, and a “clone tab” feature that eliminates the copy-paste process. The app also enables users to sync bookmarks, passwords, autofill information, and other data across mobile and desktop sessions.

To give users assurance on their safety and that of their browsing data, Vivaldi uses an end-to-end encryption in securing its users’ information.


Android, iOS | Free

From the bright minds behind the popular note-taking app Notability comes Twobird, a multiplatform email app that combines note-taking capabilities with email hosting.

While sporting a simple design, Twobird includes options for customization to enable users to tailor-fit the app to their needs. For email, the app offers key functions like setting reminders and options to pin and sort your messages. Meanwhile, the note-taking side of the app offers functions like adding tables and formatting. You can also set reminders on top of the basic writing tools.

Twobird’s features may not exactly look exciting from the get-go, but the inclusion of only the bare necessities save the app from being too cluttered or intimidating. As of writing, the app is still in early access so some features might not be working yet. But this also means there’s more to come.

Words Penn De Vera
This story was originally published in Speed Magazine’s December 2019 issue.

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