Chery Arrizo 5e review: Charging into EV territory


The Chery Arrizo 5e may look like your typical mid-variant sedan, but you’ll be surprised as everything inside is pretty upscale. From the electric motor motivation to its various luxury accouterments, the Arrizo 5e is far from the usual mishmash experimental electric cars of yesteryears. 

The electric motor with the one-gear transmission is a powerful drivetrain combination. It boasts 120kW of power—or an equivalent of over 160hp—which is very impressive for a sedan its size. The transmission’s central role is transfer power gradually to the wheels. 

The motor is deafeningly quiet, and the dash lights are the only indication that the motor is activated. The only noise you will hear is the whirring of the AC cooling fans.

The charging port is in the middle of the front grille. Notable is the absence of slots or openings for cooling as the electric motor does not need controlled temperature.

In lieu of the typical cabinet-sized charger, the Arrizo 5e can be charged via a small DC charger the size of a mousepad. You can charge at home using a regular outlet, at your convenience. All you need is an industrial-thick extension cord.

The electric motor boasts power and torque and ease of operation, not to mention almost zero-emissions. The 400-kilometer range is almost at par with a small gas-powered sub compact. 

The only disadvantage here is the long charging time. It takes about 7 hours to fully charge the batteries. If you’re in a hurry, a 30-minute charge will yield a 25% juice, enough to get to your nearby destination.


The driver-centric dash is tastefully designed, mixing brown leather with black dash top. The display shows split LCD half gauges for the speedometer at the left and charge meter on the right.

A 9-inch infotainment display dominates the middle of the dashboard, complemented by another 8-in touchscreen for the climate control.  

The center console houses the buttons for traction control, electric brake, hold, and drive modes. It also boasts the rotary gear selector, which only displays Reverse, Neutral, and Drive. 

Speed says

The P1,900,000 Chery Arrizo 5e showcases the future of automobiles. It also shows the simplicity of converting a gas-powered sedan to an electric power. In fact, the Arrizo still has remnants of its previous heritage like the gas cap cover and gas cap indicator in the dash. This is not a hastily manufactured sedan, though; rather, it’s a carefully thought-out variant that entertained the eventual change of power.

Words Earl Manalansan
First published in Speed November-December 2020


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