Cellprime to offer more brands in 2016

Cellprime Distribution Corporation, makers of homegrown mobile technology brand Cloudfone, announced game-changing collaborations and partnerships that are set to revolutionize the Philippine smartphone market this 2016. Tie-ups with NBA, PBA, Windows 10|Xbox, Spotify, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars will produce exclusive content as well as premium accessories and merchandise for Cloudfone mobile devices. “In the future, we see that our consumers will continue to demand more for their digital lifestyle. I think that consumers will continue to consume more content on their own, engaging more devices, and continue to live their life through their devices,” said Eric Yu, CEO of Cellprime.

Cellprime Eric Yu
Eric Yu, Cellprime President

Their partnership with Spotify that started at the latter part of 2015 enables the use of the Spotify app for free and it also included earphones, headphones and casing in one upbeat bundle for the users who love to listen to music. For the NBA and PBA, a special app will be included in the CloudFone menu to deliver massive content for users who consume a lot of sports content on their devices. Disney, Marvel and Star Wars collaborations gave rise to CloudFone Special Edition smartphones and tablets that at the same time will carry an exclusive line of mobile accessories. The partnership with Microsoft creates a special edition CloudFone Epic 8.0 tablet with Windows 10|Xbox that enables a preloaded Windows 10 OS and an award winning Xbox game HALO. The tablet also comes with a free casing and keyboard. Cellprime also entered into a partnership with Korean automotive titan Hyundai to develop a line of mobile devices for mid-to-high-end smartphone users. Another partnership that requires attention is a strategic alliance with Gionee, one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. Cellprime will engage in sales and marketing activities for Gionee’s high-end smartphone products in the first quarter of the year. With all the new upgrades and exciting partnerships, the brand is confident of strengthening its hold in the smartphones category. “This marks the beginning of more opportunities for Cellprime, as our partners enrich our capabilities and knowledge of the mobile market,” says Yu. “These partnerships will build on Cellprime’s strengths, and bring us to the forefront of design, marketing, manufacturing and global distribution.”


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