Friday, November 27, 2020
Overwatch Manila Map

Blizzard needs to make this fan-made Manila map happen for Overwatch...

It's a breathtaking tribute to the gritty and colorful streets of Manila.

People@Speed: Gerald Santos, filmmaker

Gerald Santos Director Kahel House Video Production, Inc.   Interview by Fidel Feria Photos courtesy of Gerald Santos     In 1995, a young, wide-eyed creative embarked on a career in the...

People@Speed: Em Dangla (aka Kaisaya) the voice of eSports

As a shoutcaster (or caster for short), Kaisaya, whose real name is Em Dangla, provides a running commentary of the game during an in-person...

People@Speed: Ivan Acuña, abstract impressionist

“Abstract kasi is free flow, parang passion painting. As you go along the canvas, you create on the spot. Walang plano.” This...

People@Speed: Allen Tan, CEO of Monstronauts, Inc.

A self-confessed gamer at heart, game developer and entrepreneur Allen Tan is grateful for the opportunity to participate at the first-ever Google Play Indie Games Accelerator (IGA) program. Not only did he learn how to grow his company Monstronauts, Inc.—the studio that gave birth to Potion Punch and Rowan McPaddles—he also gained insights on how to help boost the gaming and game development industry in the Philippines. He shares his thoughts on how to get to that goal in this interview.

People@Speed Paola Mardo, Pinay podcaster in America

In 2016, Filipino-American Paola Mardo sought to share the Pinoy diaspora’s forgotten histories. An independent audio producer, she trained her attention to Los Angeles’...

People@Speed: Adrian Velasco, champion trader

Pokémon Malaysia Regional Championship Masters Division champion Adrian Velasco tells the exciting tale of his Pokémon journey.

People@Speed: Rogi Calalec, meticulous builder

Carlos Gregor Calalec, or “Rogi,” has always enjoyed playing with Legos since he was a kid. Now he is living his dream of building finer and more advanced versions of Legos.

People@Speed: Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, space cowboy

Dr. Rogel Mari Sese isn’t an astronaut. He is one of three Filipino astrophysicists in the country. He is the only one practicing actively.

People@Speed: Angely Dub, world traveler

Angely Dub Owner, Access Travel and Tours Angely Dub, founder and president of Access Travel and Tours—the go-to travel agency of celebrities—had just gotten back...

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