Canon EOS R review: Monster shooter


The Canon EOS R looks intimidating at first glance, especially if you’re used to shooting with compact cameras or smartphones. But this full-frame mirrorless camera is really a delight to use once you get your hands on it.

The EOS R offers a solid feel and comfortable grip, so despite its weight, it isn’t as cumbersome to carry and use. It’s possible to carry it with one hand, but shooting requires your both hands for more steady shots. Its rugged magnesium alloy body is weather-sealed, giving you the confidence to shoot wherever, whenever. 

Canon EOS R

The M-Fn, AEL, and AF-point selection buttons, as well as the touch interface, provide comfortable navigation and control to the user. It took me a while to customize the button and dial functions, but after that the experience became extremely seamless. The M-Fn button (next to the viewfinder) is a new addition to this camera’s controls; it can act as two buttons or a control for scrolling through your options.

The main selling point of the EOS R is its new RF mount, which comes with its own line of lens system. My review unit came with the RF24-105mm USM Kit, and I found it adequate for all my shooting needs. It focuses accurately and works exceptionally in low light. Plus, the lens has a good zoom and dynamic range, which makes it easy to shoot street, portrait, and landscape photography. However, the EOS R’s videos leaves you wanting. You can only shoot 4K at up to 30fps, something that isn’t up to 2018 cameras’ standards.

The EOS R captures really nice, sharp photos and great color in RAW setting. In High ISO modes, the photos are still good, although other full-frame mirrorless cameras perform just as well or even better. I shoot mostly in the Standard JPEG setting, and the images are sharper, with striking reds but slightly pale yellows.

The touchscreen is responsive and the menu is easy to navigate. The camera’s battery lasts for a day of continuous shooting. The USB-C socket allows charging of the battery directly, but you will need to buy an adapter separately for it. Sharing files to your smartphone is quick and easy through wireless connectivity and the Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Camera app.


30.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor; DIGIC 8 processor
Up to 4K @ 30fps
3.15-inch vari-angle touch panel
135.8 x 98.3 x 84.4mm, 660g
P147,998 (body only)

Speed says

The EOS R is meant to complement the RF lens system that Canon introduced. In itself, this camera offers a smooth shooting experience with its fast focusing speeds, wide zoom and dynamic ranges, and high ISO. The images it produces are crisp and specially vibrant. Photographers and Canon loyalists looking for a full-frame mirrorless shooter will find this to be a very capable camera.

Words Pat Calica
First published in Speed Magazine’s January 2019 issue

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