Build your credit history with GCash and GCredit

Let’s all admit it, from time to time we tend to splurge on ourselves and loved ones, especially when we have a little extra in the bank and wallets. But if you want to spoil yourself and your loved ones without breaking the bank, GCash can help you with the new GCredit.

GCredit is a personal revolving credit line attached to your GCash account and is based on your GScore, a score rating that paints your financial behavior. Your GScore increases every time you use your GCash account and its companion app. The higher your GScore, the higher your GCredit limit will be and the lower the interest rates.

GCredit builds your credit history and the more you use GCash, the more it makes you financially trustworthy. This system also makes better credit accessible and possible for everyone.

Having access to GCredit and a higher credit line can save you big bucks especially when you’re shopping. You won’t have to worry about paying the stack of still bills or last minute grocery runs thanks to GCredit’s prorated interest rates. The earlier you pay your due credit, the lower the interest charges will be and the faster our credit will replenish.

“We’d like to think of GCash, GCredit as your life partner as we know how hard it is to balance life. GCash and GCredit is now here to make things easier,” says Geena Alindato, Product Designer for Lending.

Build and increase your GScore today by continually and responsibly using GCash to shop without any worries and welcome the new year debt-free.

Download the GCash app from the App Store or Google Play.


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