BrickYard: A haven for Tamiya Mini 4WD fans

Lil’s Hobby Center has always been the source of wares for various model, remote control, and mini four-wheel drive car hobbyists. But what made it relevant for the past 45 years was not just its inventory of products; it also supported a community that kept the hobbies alive. Enter BrickYard.

Located just beside the Glorietta branch of Lil’s Hobby Center, this new hub features two Mini 4WD tracks for beginners and advanced racers. In the four walls of BrickYard, hobbyists tap into their creativity and ingenuity as they build and customize their Mini 4WDs and test them on the tracks.



What’s great about BrickYard is that it has a relaxed and welcoming environment that encourages everyone to try out the hobby. Many Mini 4WD fans started the hobby in the late 90’s after the Let’s and Go anime popularized Tamiya’s Mini 4WD line, and they have remained in the hobby years after the anime stopped airing. Most of them now have kids of their own, and the Brickyard is giving these hobbyists and their children a place to bond.



BrickYard fosters a welcoming environment, inviting children and the kids-at-heart to build, play, and race in their Glorietta 2 location. It might seem intimidating at first, but parents need not fret. The Brickyard staff—as well as BrickYard regulars—are all friendly and willing to help anyone starting out in the hobby.

Ferdie Kahn, owner and proprietor of the BrickYard, encourages parents to let their kids build the kits themselves.The store has basic Mini 4WD models that kids can easily build on their own. They also sell accessories and extra parts if they ever want to upgrade their cars.



The BrickYard Mini4WD community prioritizes encouragement over competition, according to Kahn. Everyone is willing to help each other build and improve their Mini 4WDs. “Everyone, regardless of age or gender, is definitely welcome here to build, play, and race,” Mr. Kahn said. “We want the hobby and the community to flourish. It’s the reason why we don’t charge a track fee,” he continued.

More than being fun and engaging, the Tamiya Mini 4WD hobby can be educational as well. It’s a practically application of science. It might even encourage and inspire young children to take engineering or a physics related course in the future.



Long-time Tamiya fans and parents who want their kids to experience a stimulating and educational activity can now head over to Brickyard.

To know more about the Brickyard, follow their Facebook page at


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