Book cheaper rooms with Agoda’s Mix and Save feature

Budget-conscious travelers, listen up. You can save even more when you use Agoda’s new Mix and Save feature. That is, if you’re willing to change rooms during your stay.

Mix and Save allows customers to save up to 50 percent by booking the cheapest combination of available rooms within the same hotel.

Said feature gives customers the option to split their reservation into multiple bookings and help them to maximize savings when they search between two to 14 nights stay at any of Agoda’s two million properties worldwide.

“Our customers inspire us to innovate. We’ve seen them ‘mix and save’ through trial and error, where they would split their stay and stack different room deals to get the best overall price, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming,” said Omri Morgenshtern, Chief Operating Officer of Agoda.

“Traditionally OTAs (online travel agencies) have made the assumption that guests wouldn’t change rooms, but our tests have shown that, for the right savings and low price, there are travelers who will be flexible and change rooms during their stay to get a better deal,” he added. “We are excited to be the first major global online travel agent to make these ‘hacker-rates’ available. Mix and Save helps partners to optimize inventory and reflects our commitment to offering Agoda customers the best possible price.”

Currently available on desktop, Agoda is looking to enhance the offering in coming months, allowing users to enjoy Mix and Save deals on mobile, and making it more seamless for travelers by combining the split bookings in a single reservation.



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