Black Arrow Express, DragonPay forge partnership

Logistics provider Black Arrow Express (BAE) partners with online payment platform DragonPay to make payments easier and accessible to customers.

“This partnership brings two strong players and two key drivers in the eCommerce industry together — Dragonpay, with their expertise in the local financial technology space, and Black Arrow Express, with our logistics legacy through our parent company, the AAI group,” said Allan Brizuela, President of Black Arrow Express. “We are committed to further empowering individuals and SMEs, after recently completing over 15 million COD shipments over the last 2 years.”

“We are looking forward to adding Black Arrow Express as one of the COD payment options of our merchants,” said Dragonpay’s COO, Robertson Chiang. “This is a great opportunity for Dragonpay merchants to expand their business and market reach since COD is still the most preferred payment method in the Philippines, accounting for over 80% of total eCommerce payments.”

Since COD & express door-to-door services are becoming popular, the two companies came together to boost their services.This partnership makes DragonPay an alternative payment option of BAE. And then in turn, BAE is the express logistics and COD partner of DragonPay.

Black Arrow Express is a homegrown logistics provider first established in 2016. Furthermore, the company is in talks with various industries in and out of the country to help improve their services. This is to enhance delivery experience, loyalty, payments, and customer support. To learn more, visit or

The Black Arrow Express app is available for download in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

DragonPay is an online payment solution provider focusing on alternative payment channels. Instead of using credit cards to make online purchases, DragonPay offers online banking, over-the-counter cash deposits, ATM, or mobile payments.


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