Keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free with Beko SteamCure Hygiene+


Having clean clothes, bed linens, and towels that are free from viruses, bacteria, allergens, and odor is doubly important these days. European brand Beko makes it more effortless and convenient for you to keep your clothes spotless and clean with its washing machine with SteamCure Hygiene+ technology.

SteamCure Hygiene+ removes stains on clothing by releasing steam from the bottom of the washing machine’s drum, right before it even starts washing. This acts as a pre-treatment, which helps loosen stubborn stains, dirt and other gunk stuck in your garments.

Another batch of steam is released after the wash cycle. This helps smoothen out any unwanted creases and folds in clothes. This program also sanitizes and kills bacteria on garments.

The steam in SteamCure Hygiene+ gets rid of bacteria in your clothing and bed linens and also helps wash away allergens like dust and animal dander. This is particularly helpful during the rainy season.

Beko washing machines are available at select All Home, Anson’s, Savers, Gidi Distribution, and Asian Home Appliance Center in Cebu, and Lazada, Household Appliances Trading.


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