Baseus Plaid Backpack: Backup power

Keep playing and continue working on your iPhone on the go without worrying about going low on battery power. Baseus’ Plaid Backpack Power Bank case provides all-day battery charge to power users like you.

Thanks to high quality Lithium Polymer battery cells, the Baseus Plaid Backpack was able to sport a slim profile and have a hefty power capacity at the same time. This power bank case is also one of the smaller and more form-fitting battery cases in the market right now with its slim bottom bezel.

It is also durable and easy to hold as the case is made up of a combination of TPU and PC, which results in a non-slippery yet smooth surface.

The Baseus Plaid Backpack is available in 2500mAh capacity (P1,690) and 5000mAh (P1,790) for iPhone 7/8, and in 3650mAh (P1,690) and 7300mAh (P1,790) for iPhone 7/8 Plus.

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