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Author: Fidel Feria

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Red Redemption 2, arguably 2018's best video game, may just see light on the PC. This comes after Red Dead Redemption 2 PC settings supposedly surfaced on the game's Companion App. This was first noted by an eagle-eyed fan by the

The Supra has made a grand comeback. After a 17-year hiatus, Toyota's flagship sports car is back and is now available in the country through 16 Toyota GR Performance dealerships. Following a special teaser at the Vios Racing Festival, the

This NBA off-season, guesswork will run rampant in online circles.

Now more robust-looking than its flat-front predecessors, the 6th-generation Toyota Hiace comes with a semi-bonnet design. This means that the engine is now in front instead of atop the front wheel axle. With this new design, both driver and front

Watch for a Suzuki Auto Fest 2019 exhibit in your area! If you've been eyeing a new Suzuki car but couldn't decide which one to get, here's your chance to see all of them in a row. (Maybe that'll help you

Nothing says that a smartphone is truly yours more than when you customize it.

The 2019 Honda BR-V is touting its premium and masculine display.  Unveiled recently, the refreshed 7-seater SUV comes sporting a new grille design, LED daytime running lights, and a new rear bumper design, among other key updates. The BR-V comes

It's the first immersive virtual reality entertainment center in the Philippines.