ASUS invites Filipino fans to join ‘Directed By You’ contest

ASUS invites fans from the Philippines and other selected countries to submit their own commercial plot ideas for the new ZenFone 3. These user-generated stories will be part of a three-video advertisement series that highlights ASUS latest flagship.

The “Directed By You” contest is the first campaign by a smartphone maker that is created through a series of crowdsourced content. It is inspired by the first ZenFone 3 ad, the Alien and the Dinosaur, which was born out of the minds of New Yorkers interviewed at random.

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ASUS contest mechanics

Read the complete details of the “Directed by You” contest below.

  1. Visit the “Directed By You” website at to submit your ideas for the new ZenFone 3 video ads.
  2. Participants can submit their entries for a period of three weeks starting from November 8, 2016
  3. The story ideas must follow these two conditions. First, the submitted story should be within a 200 character limit. Second, it should contain a daily key word that relates to the topic of the week.
  4. The three topics for each week are photography, entertainment and gaming.

One participant will win a ZenFone 3 for the best entry of the day each day. Also, the daily winners will have their ideas included in the final ad’s story line. A group of professional filmmakers and artists will produce and shoot the final advertisement using only the ZenFone 3.

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