Artist Leinil Yu spills details on Marvel’s Filipina superhero

Can you smell Pinoy Pride in the air? No doubt, Filipinos were excited when Marvel Comics first announced the introduction of Wave, the comics’ first Filipina superhero. And since there’s still time to wait before the comics come out in May, Pinoys are hungry for more info on the heroine.


Creator and writer George Pak recognized the enthusiasm shown and tweeted his gratitude for Filipinos’ response to Wave. In the tweet, he also gave a shout-out to Wave’s Pinoy designer Leinil Francis Yu.

This isn’t Leinil’s first time to lend his drawing skills to Marvel. He has previously sketched inside the panels of other comics under the superhero factory such as Wolverine, X-Men, New Avengers and more. It’s no wonder this talented Filipino was tapped to be part in bringing life to Wave!


Making waves on the drawing board

Finally, we get a bit of background about Wave from Leinil’s exclusive interview with The Manila Bulletin. Born ‘Pearl Pangan,’ the Cebu-hailing superhero uses powers that involve water and technology. While most heroes were either born with powers or use magic, Wave does not. Her whole origin story is still a wave of mystery, but we’ll probably learn more when the comics hit the shelves.


During brainstorming, Greg and Leinil first envisioned the heroine to don a black diving suit with pink highlights. Other ideas sprouted from the drawing board also involved Wave with well-known Filipino symbols like the sun on the flag. Can you imagine Wave with a big sun on her suit? Thankfully, Leinil didn’t go with an in-your-face design with the Pinay superhero, but he still incorporated a touch of Filipino culture in it.


Being a Cebu native, it makes sense that Wave is equipped with Lapu-Lapu inspired swords. Even her teal-highlighted costume is reminiscent of the seas and shores of the island.


Wave will be making her debut in War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas, a tie-in miniseries that highlights Asian superheroes defending the Pacific Rim.

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