Apple might be making MagSafe battery packs for iPhones


Bringing MagSafe to iPhones has been useful for sticking magnetic wallets and charging at stations. But Apple is reportedly giving more functionality to the feature. Bloomberg claims that the tech giant is developing a magnetic battery pack to charge up MagSafe-compatible iPhones.

A source spotted prototypes of the battery pack with a white rubber exterior. There aren’t any other details besides so there’s no word yet about whether the battery pack will be rechargeable like powerbanks or if you can charge wirelessly with the MagSafe charger, too.

Reports say the charging pack revealed issue during initial testing, which are mainly software-related. It’s said that software issues are what may be causing delay and it could lead to an eventual scrapping of the whole idea. The source also said that the iPhone was improperly triggering a warning that the pack was overheating.

The charging pack as a concept could be useful for wirelessly charging your iPhone in your pocket. Hopefully, it won’t be overheating though. But we’ll have to wait and see if Apple will eventually launch it because as of press time, the company hasn’t said a word about it.

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