Apple AirPods wave goodbye to headphone jack, wires

The Apple AirPods are your standard EarPods with the wires chopped off and packed with a plethora of wireless functions.

Apple finally went through with its plan to nix the headphone jack on its devices. The newly released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launched without headphone socket, instead the devices use the Lightning port to connect the bundled EarPods. But the tech giant thinks that the future is really wireless headphones—and the Apple AirPods is the beginning of that future. The Apple AirPods looks like the standard EarPods—the headset that comes shipped with every iPhone before—with the cords cut off. But this audio pair promises to do more than just play your music or take your calls, it will also give you a plethora of shortcuts and commands that can be executed without touching your iPhone. apple-airpods-open_01 This wireless headset is fitted with an Apple W1 Chip, which provides the headphones better wireless connection and quality audio. The W1 Chip also manages the AirPods’ battery life, allowing you to use it for longer periods of time. It said to last up to five hours of listening time on one charge, with the custom-designed charging case extending the battery life to more than 24 hours of total listening time. Using the headphones is fairly easy. Flip open the lid of its charging case, tap the AirPods once, and it will instantly set up with your Apple devices signed into your iCloud account, including your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. It is fitted with advanced sensors that detects whether you are listening and automatically play and pause music. apple-airpods-connect_01 There’s an additional accelerometer in each AirPod that knows when you are speaking, and it turns on a pair of bean-forming microphones to focus on your voice and filter out ambient sound. One other key feature of this device is the ability to access Siri with just a double tap on the AirPods. It allows you to control music playback, make calls, adjust volume, or perform any Siri task. Ready to go cord-free? Wait for the release of the Apple AirPods in late October and prepare $159 to pay for it. The headphones only pairs with devices running iOS 10, watchOS 3, or macOS Sierra.

Words John Sosmeña

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