Android 12 developer preview now available with UI changes, new media formats


Google has started opening its Android 12 developer preview to the public, giving Pixel users a glimpse at what they can expect from the next OS update. This preview showed off new features like how the OS handles images and videos, security updates, and UI changes for notifications.

Image courtesy of XDA Developers

It’s all about the accent

Usually, the Android interface is predominantly white. It looks like Android 12 will be adding a pop of color to the UI, giving it a bluish tint in both light and dark themes.

This translates, too, to the notification shade, which now has a translucent layer in the background. This panel also adds spaces between conversations, app notifications, and silent notifications.

Image courtesy of XDA Developers

“We’re refreshing notification designs to make them more modern, easier to use, and more functional. In this first preview you’ll notice changes from the drawer and controls to the templates themselves. We’re also optimizing transitions and animations across the system to make them more smooth. As part of the updates, for apps targeting Android 12 we’re decorating notifications with custom content with icon and expand affordances to match all other notifications,” Google said about the changes.

In addition, the tech giant is also changing how Android 12 will behave when you’re in a full-screen app.

New video formats

The upcoming OS will make the HEVC video format work with apps that don’t natively support them. It will also add support for spatial audio, MPEG-H, and optimization for up to 24 channels of audio.

It will also bring picture-in-picture improvements, scrolling screenshots, and improved one-handed mode.

The Android 12 developer preview is now available for testing for Pixel 3, 3a, 4a, 4a (5G), or 5 phones.

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