All the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch easter eggs to watch for


Calling all Black Mirror superfans! We know you’re still busy exploring the five different main endings of the choose-your-own-adventure film Bandersnatch. So while you deliberate on whether you’ll choose Sugar Puffs or Frosties for the nth time, we did the research and gathered (from Reddit) easter eggs from the film for all you die-hard Black Mirror fans to watch for.



These easter eggs may include spoilers from previous episodes of Black Mirror as well as Bandersnatch, so we’re slapping on a massive SPOILER ALERT tag for this list. Proceed with caution. This would be the great time to choose between “I want to geek out on Black Mirror!” or “Take me to a different spoiler-less article!” Hurry and choose!

Decided to go with the former? Let the easter egg-hunting commence, then!


Tuckersoft video games

The software company our main guy Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) works for sure has a lot of familiar game titles. It’s because some of them are alluding to Black Mirror episodes.

Keep an eye out for the poster for the game “Metl Hedd,” a reference to the season 4 black and white gritty “Metal Head” episode where the main character is chased down by a robot dog in a post-apocalyptic future.



You’ll also see that super talented game developer, Colin Ritman (Will Poulter), is coding a game named “Nohzdyve,” a nod to the social media-centric episode “Nosedive”. (Although we don’t see what else they have in common aside from the name).

In fact, you can actually download and play the game on your computer with a ZX Spectrum emulator on


Tuckersoft’s website


Aisde from the chance to play Bandersnatch, you’ll also be treated to more Black Mirror easter eggs from different episodes like “USS Callister,” “Men Against Fire,” “Fifteen Million Merits,” “Hang the DJ,” and more when you visit the website. Check it out and click around the site to also see a Tuckersoft job listing ad which leads to the Netflix jobs page.

Also, Bandersnatch isn’t Tuckersoft’s first appearance. The software company was first introduced in “San Junipero” as TCKR Systems. There’s also a virtual hangout in the episode called Tucker’s.


Saint Juniper’s Hospital

In case you missed it, Stefan’s therapy sessions are also filled with easter eggs. He goes to the Saint Juniper Medical Facility (alluding to the “San Junipero” episode) and is treated by Dr. R. Haynes.


Dr. R. Haynes


Could she be related to the collector at the Black Museum (“Black Museum” episode), Rolo Haynes?


The White Bear symbol

Next up, onto spoiler territory! If you remember the episode “White Bear,” hunters were exposed to a symbol that triggered their violent tendencies. Stefan also began seeing the White Bear symbol as he struggles with developing his game, slipping into insanity and violence. The symbol appears more throughout the episode.


The news

By the end, when you’re already stressed and burdened by the weight of your decisions, Bandersnatch treats you with multiple references from previous Black Mirror episodes. Keep hitting that rewind button and read the newspaper clippings and scrolling UKN news banners so you won’t miss a thing.



Keep your eyes peeled for headlines on former Prime Minister Michael Callow and Princess Susannah (“The National Anthem” episode), a futuristic love machine (“Hang the DJ” episode) by BRB software (“Be Right Back” episode), pollinator drones (“Hated in the Nation” episode), Liam Monroe (“The Waldo Moment”episode), and more.

In case you didn’t know, UKN is the constant broadcast network that appears in different episodes in the Black Mirror universe.


And just in case you are wondering, no, Bandersnatch isn’t season 5 of Black Mirror, which means we have more episodes from the Emmy Award-winning show to look forward to.

Words Ayie Licsi


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