adidas plans to make shoes in space

We’ll be having shoes made from outer space soon.

adidas is partnering with the International Space Station (ISS) to conduct research on innovating its products free from Earth’s gravity. This also makes adidas the first brand to test its footwear in outer space.

Previously, the brand has done initial testing sending its soccer balls into space to study airflow and air resistance.

These Boosts are made for walking…in space

For this upcoming project, it will explore how its Boost technology will fare in a gravity-free environment. Boost is the foam adidas puts in its popular shoes to make them more comfortable. The company hopes to learn how the pellets will move during midsole mild filling in microgravity conditions, with the hopes of optimizing footwear performance and comfort.

adidas also plans to research human performance and sustainability through the physical training regimen developed for astronauts, which may allow the brand to apply their learnings to how they design and develop products like compression apparel for athletes.

The collaboration is slated to start in 2020. Read more about it at

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