Ace your virtual learning with Microsoft 365 and modern PCs

Interaction, communication, and collaboration are vital to learning

But as some students move to online learning this school year, keeping up the same level of interaction as there would normally be in the physical classroom can be challenging. That’s why it’s important for you to find ways on how to continue interacting with each other even in a virtual classroom. This is where modern PCs and online collaboration tools become your best learning buddies. Through these two, you can work and learn together even when you’re far apart. 

Get things done with modern PCs and Microsoft 365

A modern PC is a thin and light computer that’s faster, more powerful,efficient, and more secure than a traditional PC. Don’t be deceived by their compact form factor; they are actually packed with enough power to meet your most demanding school tasks. What’s more, modern PCs run genuine Windows 10, which comes with several security tools that ensure your school reports, modules, and projects are safe and secure. 

Now to help bring your ideas to life and showcase your vision, you need the right tools and apps that will make it easier to collaborate with your classmates and project groupmates in real time. Modern PCs with Microsoft 365 will help you exchange ideas better even if you’re not in a physical classroom setup. 

Microsoft 365 provides you with the basic productivity applications necessary to finish your school requirements. It includes applications such as Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive, just to name a few. 

It also comes with a suite of tools including Office (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more) as well as a ton of templates that you can use for your homeworks, reports, and presentations. 

Microsoft 365 also fosters teamwork and collaboration. For example, you can connect and engage with your team in Microsoft Teams. This tool lets you talk and call each other via chat and video conference. Aside from that, you can also simultaneously edit and leave comments on documents in real time.

To keep a handle on your long list of tasks and to-dos, you can use Microsoft To-do.

These are only some of the different apps included in Microsoft 365 that you can use to help you ace your virtual learning. To enjoy new levels of productivity and collaboration, you can get Microsoft 365 at VST ECS authorized reseller Octagon Computer Superstore and its official store on Lazada

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