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Hado Pilipinas

Hado Pilipinas is the right mix of technology and sports we need

Has technology made us lazy and inactive? Arguably, technology has made our lives way more comfortable and our daily tasks a little more convenient. Think food delivery apps when we’re too busy to cook, a simple browser search instead of hitting the library, and more. All this convenience has gradually made us adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. But that is not to say that technology hasn’t pushed us to move our butts and break some sweat. A lot of the new gizmos and platforms today encourage us to do physical activities and stay fit. Case in point: ABS-CBN’s Hado Pilipinas.

Combining latest tech innovations and physical play, Hado Pilipinas is a dynamic technosport that brings the challenge of dodgeball to another level by incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology. Unlike e-games, which follows the usual pattern of video gaming and requires mere hand-eye coordination, this first-of-its-kind game requires physical agility from its participants.

A new way to play

Brought to the Philippines by ABS-CBN Themed Experiences, Inc., Hado is a brand of AR games developed in Japan. Hado Player versus Player (Hado PvP) uses a lightweight head-mounted display as the AR interface. There are also arm-worn devices, which players use to throw energy balls and put up their shields. Hado Players are completely immersed in the game as they make use of actual throwing and dodging motions to play the game properly.

Up to six players can play Hado PvP per game, with three players per team. The teams have 80 seconds to battle it out inside the Hado PvP Arena. The winning team is the who knocks-out more opponents by the end of regulation.

The Hado Squad demonstrating the new technosport.

But it’s not just the players who get to enjoy the thrilling game. Spectators get to watch the AR composite on giant monitors, allowing them to see the CGI energy balls, shields, and overlays for player stats.

ABS-CBN brings Hado Pilipinas first to universities and colleges in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), going around each school to introduce the game. The winning team at the ongoing Hado Pilipinas NCAA Collegiate Cup 2019 wins an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo, Japan to represent the Philippines in the Hado World Cup 2019 in December where thet have a chance to win ¥2 million.

A training ground will also soon open inside the ABS-CBN Compound in the last quarter of 2019. Interested players can visit the upcoming Hado Pilipinas Camp and play the technosport there.

Hado Pilipinas hosts Vince Velasco and Denice Dinsay

Catch the Hado Pilipinas journey, hosted by Vince Velasco and Denice Dinsay. You can watch it on ABS-CBN S+A, S+A HD, LIGA, and LIGA HD. The show airs every Sunday, 11:30am, starting August 25. The program is also available on ABS-CBN’s streaming platform iWant.

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