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Adam Savage

Adam Savage builds flying Iron Man suit in ‘Savage Builds’

Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage returns to TV with a new show and he’s building an Iron Man suit!

On Savage Builds, airing on the Discovery Channel, Savage takes on massive projects and epic creations. On the first episode, he tries to create a real functional Iron Man suit. And by functional, we mean the 3D-printed titanium suit of armor will fly. To accomplish this feat, Savage enlists the help of Gravity Industries’ Richard Browning.

In addition to the Marvel superhero-inspired suit, Savage collaborates with experts, colleagues, and friends to work on projects. Expect to see filmmaker Peter Jackson and former Mythbusters co-host Tory Belleci on the show.

Something for the Mad Max fans

Aside from Iron Man, fans of the comic and movie series Mad Max will also enjoy the episode where Savage puts together post-apocalyptic monsters out of junkyard cars.

Other binge-worthy builds include an explosive World War II weapon from the Brits called The Great Panjandrum. Stay tuned because NASA engineer Adam Steltzner is on board to help with the weapon’s design.

Savage also has a YouTube channel filled with cool videos featuring tech innovations called Adam Savage’s Tested.

Check out the video below:


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