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REVIEW: Toy Story 4 schools us on purpose

Hi, Toy Story 4, I got the message. Nothing can compare to how great it feels to love and be loved. Oh, and thanks for the existential crisis. Who would think a whimsical kid’s movie would get me thinking philosophically? 


I promise to try my best to make this review spoiler-free because God knows my eyes weren’t tear-free throughout the film.


Toy Story 4

©2019 Disney/Pixar

Making the measure

When I first heard the news of a fourthToy Story movie, I was a bit skeptical because I grew up to these movies. How is Pixar going to top the ‘Andy goes to college’ storyline? Especially since it’s been nine years since the third one? Many studios mess up beloved franchises through sequels and reboots, and I didn’t want ol’ Woody and Buzz to get the same treatment. Thank the movie gods Disney and Pixar got Toy Story 4 right.


For sure, kids and adults alike will be lining up at cinemas for this movie. There won’t be a dry-eye there, too. If you think Andy saying goodbye to his toys was heart-wrenching, wait until you see this new movie.


Before breaking your heart into a million tiny pieces, the movie will first make you laugh. Hard. This Toy Story is the funniest one for me. As a movie targeted to kids, I thought it would be filled with fart jokes and modern pop culture references that I won’t even get, but no, it’s not. Toy Story 4’s humor is wise-cracking and it does a great job of setting jokes up and paying them off later in the movie. The best jokes will come from characters you won’t even expect.


Toy Story 4

©2019 Disney/Pixar

Unexpected existential crisis

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the gang are back with their new kid, Bonnie and she’s gearing up for kindergarten. On her first day, Bonnie makes a friend–she literally made a friend… out of a spork and, his name’s Forky. To our favorite group of toys’ surprise, Forky is sentient but he thinks he’s trash, not a toy.


Of all the running jokes in the film, this had to be my favorite one. It’s commonplace to call yourself “trash” nowadays and to question your purpose in life. Just take a peek at social media, and you’ll see someone calling themselves trash (I’m actually guilty of this). However, this movie had me thinking philosophically. What does it really mean to “be?” And let me tell you this, this movie will also teach you a thing or two about calling yourself “trash.”


Toy Story 4

©2019 Disney/Pixar

To love and to be loved

What I love most about the Toy Story franchise is it gives us a glimpse of what toys would feel and think, if they could. While we’re kids, our toys are our whole world, but as we get older they get more and more disposable. Sadly, this is true for other things in our life like relationships because we outgrow things. However, who says you can’t make the most of it, right? This reality isn’t lost on the toys in the flick and they even remark on it with this memorable line: “The most noble thing a toy can do is be there for a kid that needs them.”



Make sure to join the gang’s new adventures with Bonnie this June 20 in theaters nationwide. Join in the conversations at #ToyStory4PH.


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Words Ayie Licsi

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